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Cleaning vibrators

Cleaning is one of the first things you’ll want to do after you unwrap your new vibrator. The way that you clean your vibrator after use will depend on the material that it is made from and what it is primarily used for.

Before you toss that wrapper, make sure you know what your vibrating toy is made of so that you can care for it properly.

Let’s face it, no one wants to get up after riding his or her way to ecstasy with a vibrator, and wash the darn thing off. But remember that cleaning is essential. A dirty vibrator can lead to breakdown of parts, and thus a ruined vibrator.

Correct cleaning of your vibrator is one step in ensuring that you have your pulsating sex toy for next time.

How to keep your electronic vibrators spic-and-span

Electronic Vibrators The vibrators that are also marketed as body massagers are probably the easiest to keep clean. Wiping them down with a warm washcloth is all that is required. Since these vibrators don’t end up inside you, you don’t have to worry about much cleaning. The instructions for the Hitachi Magic Wand™ even note that the soft head can be removed for washing. So your electronic vibrators will always stay spic-and-span.

Cleaning battery-operated vibrators is a bit trickier.

Battery-Operated Vibrators If your vibrator is waterproof, then cleaning will be quite easy. As long as you don’t open it up and pour water inside, it should be fine. Wash the waterproof vibrator with a mild soap and water, or if you prefer use a sex toy cleaner.

For all other battery-operated vibrators, cleaning is a bit trickier. You’ll still have to adhere to the basic cleaning procedures for different sex toy materials first.

  • Plastic – Plastic vibrators are the most common because they are inexpensive. These toys are porous or semi-porous and should be cleaned with soap and water, and a little bit of rubbing alcohol afterwards. Spray on sex toy cleaners also work well.
    Jelly/Latex – Jelly and latex are very popular materials for vibrators because they jiggle a lot and absorb vibrations well. These materials are very porous, and can only be cleaned with a mild soap and water or a sex toy cleaner.
  • Cyberskin – Cyberskin vibrators look and feel very life-like. The soft, velvety material is very delicate and porous, so the best way to keep these clean is to put a condom on them when you play. These vibrators must be cleaned with a mild soap and water or special cleanser formulated for the material. Most Cyberskin™ toys come with a sample of the cleanser to get you started.
Cleaning your vibrator properly is the best way to keep yourself safe and ensure a long lifespan. When cleaning with soap, always use one that’s antibacterial. Remember to wipe it down well with clean water to make sure all residue is removed.

Since most vibrators cannot be submerged in water and have delicate parts, sterilization is impossible. The closest you can get is wiping the surface of your vibrator with alcohol, but be careful. This method is only good for certain plastic toys. The best thing you can do to keep your vibrator clean is use it with a condom.

If your vibrator comes in contact with blood, clean it thoroughly. Lastly, commercial cleaners are very convenient. Most are available as sprays and wipes and specially formulated to remove germs and preserve the life of your toy.

Now that you know how to get clean, get ready for some vibrating fun.