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Secret hiding places for your vibrator

Not everyone is bold enough to leave his or her vibrator out on the nightstand. Hey, some of us have children, nosy family members or a maid, so leaving the vibrating toys out in the open is not the best option.
So, where exactly should you hide your precious vibrator?

  • Shoe Box – Shoeboxes can be great places to store your vibrators, because everyone has at least one. If you store your favorite vibrator in one of these inexpensive cardboard boxes, you’re saving the environment by recycling, as well as protecting your vibrator. Cardboard is cool and dry (unless you get it wet) and if you line the box, it will keep your delicate vibrator in tip-top condition. It’s unlikely that someone will find your secret hiding spot, because the cleaning lady has no business searching through your shoeboxes, and family members won’t need to search there either (unless they read this article). The great thing about a shoebox is that many people keep these under their bed and close to your bed is the best place to keep your toys.
  • Pillows – Hiding a vibrator in your pillow ensures that it is safe and sound right next to your head all night long. If your pillow is soft enough to rest your head on, then it should be fine to safely hide your vibrating toy. Hide Your Vibe pillows are also great accessories for your vibrators. The cute little pillows come in animal prints and are extra soft on the inside. Your guests will think that they are new throw pillows!
  • Custom Casing –Now these are a bit expensive, but if you’re willing to shell out the cash or have some determined snoops around, then custom casing is your choice. The cases have locks and are padded on the inside. You can keep your custom casing out in the open, but no one will be able to get in!
  • In the sock drawer – The most obvious place to hide your vibrator is in the nightstand, so why not trip the snoops up and place yours in the sock drawer. The bundles of socks will be padding enough and it’s still in your bedroom, close enough to where the action happens.
  • Bathroom Cabinet – Don’t put your vibrator in the bathroom cabinet behind the mirror so it can scare your mother when she opens it up looking for the toothpaste during a visit. The bathroom cabinet under the sink is where we’re talking about. Most people keep the cleaning stuff down there, so no one would think that your vibrator would be in there, too. Just make sure you keep it wrapped or stored in something else as well, so that it doesn’t get ruined by moisture or anything else down there. Great for your waterproof toys, because they are handy for bath-time fun.
Hiding your vibrator can be especially difficult in some cases, but in the event that it’s found, the worse that could happen is that you’ll be embarrassed. Just one last word to the wise, a sure giveaway to your secret hiding place is a low humming or buzzing sound coming from a certain corner of the room. Don’t forget to take the batteries out of your vibrator after every use. It will ensure that the vibrator lasts longer and that it won’t be found.