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Information about vibrators

So you want to know what a vibrator is. The answer to that question is not complex at all. In fact, a vibrator is just what you thought it was. Itís a sex toy that wiggles and jiggles,and often does other things to send you skyrocketing into space with an awesome orgasm.

But for those of you that canít quite grasp what a vibrator is without a dictionary definition, here it is:
Vibrator (pronounced vi Ė bra Ė tor) is:

  • A mechanical device that is designed to generate pulsation. A motor often generates the oscillation.
  • An electronic device used for massage.
Okay, so now that you have the laymanís, as well as a professional, definition weíll move forward.

As mentioned above, a vibrator is designed to generate pulsation, and that pulsation also makes the device useful for massages. Oftentimes, great vibrators are disguised as neck, back and body massagers, although we all know where they feel best. So next time you are walking through an electronics store, take a look at some of those gadgets as additions to your secret stash.

Donít be shy about your vibrator, either. Almost everyone has one (or wishes they did). Men and women use them, as couples and/or alone; a vibrator is the perfect sex toy to get you revved up for a hot and steamy night of passion, or just what the doctor ordered to finish you off.

And speaking of doctors, these medical revolutionaries of the past invented vibrators in the 1800s, but not with the intention of bringing sexual gratification to their patients (see History of Vibrators). The original vibrators were quite large and if you think your hummingbird twister is loud, think again. These things were extremely noisy. But they were meant to treat a very serious mental condition called hysteria, so there was no need for hiding. Hysteria wasnít something dirty, like pleasing yourself has become today in some states.

Today, vibrators have evolved. They come in many shapes, sizes and textures. You can attach a vibrating piece to your favorite dildo and poof! Youíve created a vibrator. And unlike a dildo that has very specific guidelines as to what a dildo should be, any sex toy that vibrates can be considered a vibrator. So, let your mind wander. Chances are that the inventors in the adult industry have already developed what your dirty mind is thinking about or craving.

Keep reading; youíre sure to find a plethora of exciting sex toys that will tickle your fancy. Vibrators have been around for a long time and are sure to continue being useful until the end of time. If you arenít already, jump on the bandwagon and learn about the electronic device that will make your dreams come true.