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The difference between a Vibrator and a Dildo

Vibrators and dildos serve the same general purpose: To bring sexual satisfaction to men and women with something other than penetration from a penis. However, there are some noticeable and functional differences between the two sex toys. Many people categorize them together, and in actuality a dildo can be a vibrator (but not vice versa). To clarify even further, we’ll elaborate on just what a vibrator is versus that of a dildo.

A dildo is a phallic-shaped object that can be used as a substitute for an erect penis. It doesn’t move on its own and is not electrical in any way.

A vibrator, although sometimes phallic-shaped, can come in a variety of shapes that look nothing like a penis, and their primary function is not to substitute an erect penis. Unlike dildos, which come in realistic models and fanciful penis-like designs, the main goal of a vibrator is not to look like a cock.

The major difference between a dildo and a vibrator is that a vibrator pulsates and a dildo doesn’t. You just pop in some batteries or plug your vibrator into the wall, and viola! You have a motorized sex toy.

A vibrator is an electronically driven machine that pulsates, gyrates and ultimately rocks its user into a terrific orgasm. The intense sensations felt when using a vibrator often create better and/or more powerful orgasms. Thus, help in achieving orgasms has become the main function of vibrators today.

In addition to their erotic benefits, vibrators are also used to massage the body. The large electronic vibrators on the market today are sold as body massagers, predominantly marketed for relieving neck and back pain; however, behind closed doors many people use their massagers for sexual pleasure.

So, does that mean a dildo can’t be a vibrator? Not at all. Some dildos come with a removable vibrating piece that makes the stationary dong move. Adding this little piece to your dildo turns it into a full-fledged vibrator!

Also, you’ve probably noticed while surfing the Web that some vibrators are categorized as vibrating dildos or vibrating dongs. This title is perfectly correct, and is just meant to separate the penis-shaped vibrators from the many other designs that are available today.

Vibrators are much like the dildo that you have stored underneath your bed. A vibrator can:

  • Be used by men or women
  • Be used to heat up a night between a couple
  • Come in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures
  • Can be used in a harness
  • Can be specifically designed for G-spot or prostate-gland stimulation
Unlike a dildo, vibrators are:
  • Not to be used in water unless stated. You wouldn’t want to end up on the 11 o’clock news as the person who shocked himself while using a vibrator in the tub.
  • Designed with a motor to move around.
  • Less discreet because the motor makes noise.
So, there you have it: The answer to the difference between a vibrator and a dildo. They are both extremely pleasurable sex toys that are used to aid us in experimenting with our love lives but when it comes down to the nitty gritty, vibrators and dildos are in two different categories of sex toys.

Now that you know, start surfing the Web or looking for the perfect toy to fit your carnal needs.